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Sample Request Letter

Sample Free Speech Week Proclamation Request Letter

Dear Mayor/Governor ____________,

I am writing on behalf of (organization) to respectfully request your proclamation of October 22-28 as “Free Speech Week in the (City/State) of _______________.”

Free Speech Week is a national, non-partisan, week-long commemorative event to raise public awareness of the importance of free speech and a free press in the United States – and to celebrate that freedom. Now in its thirteenth year, Free Speech Week is observed annually, during the third full week of October.

As freedom of speech is a right guaranteed to all Americans, Free Speech Week is designed to be an inclusive celebration in which everyone can participate. Organizations, colleges and individuals across the country will mark the week with events and activities that highlight free speech and the First Amendment. A wide variety of Partnering Organizations that include media trade associations, radio and television stations, journalism associations, non-media organizations, and schools and universities help promote Free Speech Week in numerous ways that include publishing articles, sponsoring contests and airing public service announcements.

(Organization/school name) is participating in this year’s Free Speech Week by (describe your event or activity here). If you wish to recognize Free Speech Week, we would be honored if you would present your proclamation at (event name and description, including date & location).

I am attaching sample proclamation language that you might find helpful. For more information about Free Speech Week, please visit www.freespeechweek.org.

I believe our (city’s/state’s) active participation will have a positive effect on our community as this unifying celebration recognizes free speech as something we can all believe in and cherish.

Thank you for your time and consideration.