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About Partnering Organizations

The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression display on the interactive First Amendment Monument in Charlottesville, Virginia for FSW ’13.

What Is a Partnering Organization?

A FSW Partnering Organization is any group that would like to publicize Free Speech Week and to promote free speech through one or more activities. Being a Partnering Organization can be as simple as posting the official FSW logo on your website.

What Can a Partnering Organization Do?

A Partnering Organization can publicize FSW by adding the FSW logo to its Web site, newsletter, and other member materials. It can also post information and run stories about FSW and the importance of supporting free speech.

A Partnering Organization can promote free speech by conducting one or more activities such as:

  • holding a conference, seminar, or panel discussion on a free speech topic;
  • conducting an essay contest for its members;
  • sponsoring a “free speech kiosk” where members of the organization, or the public at large, can post their opinions on any topic;
  • running public service ads (PSAs) supporting free speech in member publications.

Does It Cost Anything?

NO. Being a Partnering Organization is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Our goal is to make Free Speech Week accessible to the widest range of organizations, including volunteer and youth groups with limited budgets.

What Other Groups Are Participating?

As a Partnering Organization, you’ll be in good company. Click below to see some of the organizations and schools that participated last year:

How Do We Get Started?

It’s fast and easy. We ask that you fill out a brief registration form to let us know who you are. Click here to sign up.

FSW Logo

Partnering Organizations are encouraged to display the FSW logo on their Web sites. Download FSW logo here.

Selected FSW Activities

See what select Partnering Organizations have done in support of FSW by visiting Activities in the Spotlight, FSW ’14 Coverage, and Celebration Ideas.