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Illinois College


Under the commitment and leadership of Adrienne E. Hackers Daniels, professor, Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Illinois College has consistently provided First Amendment programming made available to their students and the greater community. They are yearly participants in Banned Books Week, have planted Liberty Trees and other convocations through the generosity of a grant through 1 for All, and have been an active Free Speech Week partner for several years.

In 2013, one such convocation sponsored by 1 for All, ASNE and the McCormick Foundation, was a multi-media performance called “1st and Foremost, Lift Your Voice” to commemorate Free Speech Week.  The event, held in the College’s Sibert Theatre, was SRO and a “smashing success” said Professor Hackers Daniels.

Here are some photos of the performance, and of the front page coverage in the local newspaper, The Jacksonville Journal Courier.